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Cendrawasih Parang

A very rare parang from the Cendrawasih area in New Guinea.

Iron-working developed quite late at the end of the 19th century.

Blades and iron bars where imported from Chinese traders and from the Moluccas.

with where reworked by Papua smiths.

The blade of this example is made from primitive reworked iron with a nice profusion at the end and a centipede motif on both sides.

The handle is the model of the end 19th century headhunters parang ( see added photo's)

but carved in typical Cendrawasih style with sitting Korwar figure.

The handle has some professional restored cracks.

Ref: Romawa Forja , Child of the fire - Freerk C. Kamma and Simon Kooijman


First half 20th century

Size total: 70 cm



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