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Twistcore Sundang

Keris Sundang with features of a proto-kris type..

The blade much smaller than we usually see with twist core in nice high-grade nickel contrast layers.  The pommel of Hippo tooth (Hippopotamus Amphibius) with small crack. 

The grip plaited with fiber. The wooden scabbard could be the original and could possibly originate from North Borneo.

Condition is due to the high age very reasonable.

North Borneo/Sulu archipelago

18th century.

ref: Picture Dayaks West Borneo - Collectie Wereldculturen Wikimedia Commons 

Steel and Magic -Edged Weapons of the Malay Archipelago

Size total: 62  cm.

Blade : 43 cm.

€ 2350,- HOLD

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