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Gobang Van Geen


An historical important West Javanese sword or "Gobang" with beautiful engravings.

The inscription are  " JJ Van Geen" and on the reverse side a Javanese inscription.

The Javanese text is for me translated as " Ana Naga" and the numbers are most likely the year " 1241" corresponding with 1825. 

J.J. Van Geen was in 1825 ordered by General De Kock to be interim leading general in the Java war against Dipo Negoro. Seen to the partly Javanese text is is possible that its a gift from a high ranked Javanese.


Gobangs with engravings in this style are highly rare and seemed to be only made for the high society.

A few examples are linked to the family of Governor General Van Der Cappellen and their friends.

All of them seemed to have been made in the years 1824-1826.

Beautiful engraved blade and horn hilt. No scabbard.

Size:  62  cm.


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