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Mandau Banjar

A unique and very old mandau with antler carved hilt in a flamboyant floral style inspired by Malay motifs. On top the leaf motif as found often on other swords from Banjarmasin area.

The front of the handle with two faces , on the lower a Garuda like head and in the upper a

" boxer" dogshead. The rattan grip with old style plait work.

Very thick blade ,probably of Chinese origin with fine laminations.  

The wooden scabbard of a special design with "carved on" rattan stick

and battlement motif in high relief. 

The patina allover is great.

Dayak (or Bekompai ) south Borneo.


First half 19th Century.

Size total: 70,5 cm.

Blade : 52 cm

Thickness blade : 1 cm.

€ 1350 ,- HOLD

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