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Mask Hudoq

A old style Hudoq mask with bulbous nose , mirror eyes , wooden earrings and a nice old patina. Collected on a  Dayak art exhibition in 1930 where during the celebration of the 10 years jubilee of the Sultan of Kutai a Pasar Malam was held. The festivities where held in Tenggarong  ( Kutai) ,

The style of this mask is comparable with the masks brought back by Nieuwenhuis in 1898.( see last picture in the gallery)

In the mask an old tag with (translated)


"Remembering Pasar Malam Tenggaarong 17 augustus/14 September "30 .Saaloeddin."

Its is possible that named "Saaloeddin" is the donator of this mask.

I found an old newspaper with an advertisement about this event in 1930.

The mask has clear traces of used, several small damages , two teeth restored.

The hole in the chin is where a beard can be attached.

Around 1900. 

Size:    cm.

Price in euro 3800,-

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