Hampatong Sapundu 

Beautifull old ironwood Sapundu , a hampatong erected during the Tiwah ceremony. Female examples like this are mostly made to accompany a male deceased person on his trip to the hereafter. In stead of the more usual sirihset , she holds a old type( 19th century) gin bottle with glass. These bottles where exported in large ammounts by the Dutch to Africa and Asia in the 18th and 19th century. The patina and wear is very good and she must have been exposed in the open air for a very long time.

The blue on her face is most likely some paint spoilt on her during the painting of the ossuary or "sandung" as Sapundu's where placed very close.

Ot Danum or Ngaju, end 19th /begin 20th century.

Size:   97 cm.

Price in euro 2950,-,-