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Sumatra silver box

Fine silver box has a raised, hinged lid with engraved and punched with Islamic-inspired scrolling floral and vegetal motifs.

The box itself has rounded, scalloped corners and is engraved on all sides with scrolling floral and leaf patterns.

This box is most likely used for storing Areca nut ( Betel nut) seen the the reddish remains inside.

The box is in excellent condition and has a fine, deep patina consistent with much use and age.



Jasper, J.E. & Pirngadie, De Inlandsche Kunstnijverheid in Nederlandsch Indie IV: de Goud en Zilversmeedkunst, 1930.



Size  12 cm wide. 4,3 cm high

Sumatra 19 th century.


€ 250 ,- +shipping HOLD

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