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War Art & Ritual

This beautiful two-volume set is the result of many years of planning by Sydney-based collector and art dealer Bill Evans. In the course of its development, he identified 140 previously unpublished shields in public and private collections in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia, and they are reproduced in these volumes as full-page plates with details and supporting field photos. 

Informative essays by experts in specific fields go in depth, casting additional light onto their particular subjects, which range from dance shields of Java and Bali to war shields from Borneo, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. 

Contributors include Andrew Tavarelli, who provides a general introduction; Steven Alpert writing on the Dayak; Harry Beran, Barry Craig and Natalie Wilson writing on various aspects of Papua New Guinea; Robyn Maxwell on the legacy of the Majapahit; and Kevin Conru on the Solomon Islands. 

These two richly illustrated volumes will be a benefit to any library, whether specialized or general.

2 volumes of 248 pages each in luxury slipcase 

We offer worldwide free delivery as long as my stock allows 


Price in euro 195,-

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