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Bahau Cockspur Case

Nieuwenhuis expedition

A bamboo case for cockspurs collected during the famous Borneo expedition led by A.W Nieuwenhuis.

J.Demmeni who was the photographer during the expedition and  collected a number of dayak objects.

After the expedition Demmeni sold his collection to the artist Nieuwenkamp. 

In 1925 the magazine "Nederlandsch Indie Oud en Nieuw "published an article about these objects written by A.W.Nieuwenhuis. You can read a translation of the article ( scroll down)  where this casabas pictured  on

page 77.

Fine carved details with two aso dog figures and tumpal motifs. Fine carved wood lid that slides exactly 8 various shaped spurs into its cover. 

Bamboo, wood, rattan, iron. 

Size:  22,5 cm high.

Price on request.


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