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Mindanao Sarimanok

Beautifull old Maranao ceremonial bird or "Sarimanok" from the Philippines.

This legendary bird/rooster is a nice colorfull example of Maranao art.

The origin is most likely of pre-islamic belief where it represented a medium in the spirit world.Possibly there's a relation between these roosters and the Indonesian Garuda (Wooden (hornbill) birds are also erected on poles by the dayaks on Borneo). Nowadays it functions more as national symbol of good fortune.

Another very nice example can be found at the museum of asian cultures in Singapore.

Note also the relationship with the pommel of Moro kerisses.

Our example has a very nice old patina and several small old damages. 

End 19th /begin 20th century.

Size: 64 cm high


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