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Madura Kris Van Duuren

Madurese kris with "Landhian lansir" hilt inspired by Dutch military uniforms with helmet,braids and ribbons. The waves of the wranka are referring to the seas around Madura.  The blade with perfect fit and nice clear pamor.


This kris was owned by David van Duuren , the well known curator from The Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam ,who wrote many books about Indonesian kerisses.

He wrote about the winged horse the following story:

"Yet the most remarkable motif seen on the Madurese kris is the winged horse, once the military trophy of the sultan of Sumenep. The horse recalls a marvellous occurrence from the reign of the legendary Jaka Tulé, prince.of Sumenep and son-in-law of Brawijaya, the last king of Majapahit. This Brawijaya wanted to add a large iron gate to his palace, but, as it turned out , no craftsman in all of Java was up to this task. The Madurese Tulé and his foster father Empu Keling, a master smith, had to be called for. Together they executed the imposing task, to Brawijaya’s u t t e r contentment. While the t w o men were still in Java, one of Brawijaya’s horses escaped. No one dared approach the iritable stallion, except for the Madurese guests. When confronted by Tulé, the horse became so meek that it kneeled down and looked back at him. This got the prince his epithet and attribute: Kudah Panoleh or ‘Horse Looking Back’."



19th Century.

Ex collection  David van Duuren

Size total: 45 cm.

Blade : 35,5 cm.

€ 695 ,- HOLD

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