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Mandau Sarawak expedition

Mandau with beautifull carved scabbard in old Mendalam style with

nice details and hornbill charm.

A fine carved antler handle and high qualityblade with inlays and scroll decorations.

Some damages but overall in good condition.

(The books on the last photo are not included)

Collected during the Oxford expedition of 1932 by A.W. Moore, nickname "Ev" in the area of Mount Dulit

Moore joined this expedition that was led by the legendary Tom Harrison and Shackleton.

Harrison afterwards  published the book " Borneo Jungle: An Account of the Oxford Expedition to Sarawak"

Moore sadly died young at the age of 27 and this mandau was still in the family for a long time till they sold it some years ago to a British art dealer.

Size total: 67 cm

Blade: 48 cm


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