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 Old Kutai mandau

A old Modang mandau with very nice carved scabbard.

The antler hilt is interesting face grip with "eyes only" while the left and right sides are carved in different design. The blade is simple and strong, a real classic Modang.

The horn charm is a very rare example what represents a foot with polydactyly.

In the family of the sultan of Pontianak where members with polydactyly

The brother of the sultan was very proud on this remarkable" feature".

According Juynboll this may have resulted that Dayak

carvers began to copy polydactyly into  carvings. * 

*Source : Juynboll Catalogus Rijks Ethnographisch museum - Borneo Deel 2 page 70


Dayak , Kalimantan


19th Century.

Size total:  65  cm

€ 895,-


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