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Mandau "Mantikei"

fascinating mandau with many rare features.

One clownesk face  looking backwards while the back seems to be a fish.

Many tiny faces are watching from different positions on the hilt.

The blade is rare and has a laminated structure. This is sometimes wrongly ( IMO)

called "Mantikei."( Mantikei is actually a river where a high quality ore was found.)

Note also the rare bicolor " Mata Kalong" on the beginning of the blade.

The wooden scabbard is simple with rattan knots in the old style and a very fine plaited waistband , the sideknife scabbard with lots of beads.

The sideknife is very nice with a human face , back curled  legs etc.

South Borneo , before 1900.

Size total: 67  cm.

Blade : 49,5 cm.


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