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Dayak mat 

Dayak mat coming from the famous Nieuwenhuis expedition to Borneo

Collected by Nieuwenhuis' photographer Demenni and later on sold to artists Nieuwenkamp.

The mat is perfect condition with original old tag :


Tabing ( Longl?)

Mibece....? ( Mayensch?)

Zitmatje dat de Bahau 

op reisgang aan hebben.


The tag is probably written by  A.W. Nieuwenhuis or Jean Demmeni.

Tabing is the local Dayak name for such a mat, followed by two botanical names ?

 and the text ( English Transl; Sitting mat wearing by the Bahau while traveling)

Bahau Dayak , Kalimantan


19th Century.


(The awl is not included but available here )

Length total: 48 cm



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