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Melanau Paddle

Very rare Dayak paddle from Sarawak.

Very nice designed example with beautiful details.

This paddle was probably a ceremonial gift.

The wing shaped handle with bone interval.

Condition overall is good ,some small damage.


Sarawak ,mid 19th century.


Size total: 124,5 cm

€ 1200 ,-  ON HOLD

Comparable examples :

See also : As1948,01.28 in the British Museum ,

collected between 1884 and 1895 by the late Mr E.A. Jeffreys,

Commissioner of Works to the second rajah,

Sir Charles Brooke.


As1896,-.1140 also in the British Museum and part of a set.

Both missing the handle and field collected around 1845 by 

Capt. Drinkwater Bethune.

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