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Pandat variation from West Borneo called "Tanking" or "Tankitn".

These smaller variants of the bigger Pandat where used in the Landak area a long time ago.

As they became already in disuse halfway the 19th century,not many of these example has survived.

 This example is ( besides the missing endcap) in a remarkable good condition and complete with original scabbard. The pewter grip is 100% intact and the blade is in good condition.

The wooden  scabbard colored with  natural pigment ("dragon blood" )and carved

with the so characteristic for West Borneo carvings "big S" with traces of tinfoil overlay.

On the lower part of the scabbard a curious painting of a spirit-like creature with outreaching arms (or wings )surrounded by star symbols.

(see for comparable paintings the famous shield from the British Museum )

West Borneo, Landak area , early 19th century.

(Source last photo Wikimedia Commons Tropenmuseum)

Size total: 62 cm.

€ 3200 ,- 

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