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Iban time beater

A very long bamboo tube with beautiful carved Iban motifs. 

 Similar objects can be found in the British Museum that has some beaters collected by Hose . Heppell describes them as : "A  staff ('buloh kechut') used by a bard ('lemambang') when reciting a ritual chant ('pengap') to emphasize each line in the verse.

Dye is dragons blood (Daemonorops spp)"

see an example in. the British Museum

It was part of an old  bamboo collection , one of the tubes was labelled " Krian" . 

Most likely are  all tubes are from that area..

Old example before 1900, beautiful colors,

the lower half has some glued  spilts

Stand included.

Size total: 123  cm.

  ø : 2 cm


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